What Is All In One Implants?

What Is All In One Implants?

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Whether you are missing a single or several teeth, we understand the effects it can have on your everyday life. One of the most advanced and efficient techniques for full-mouth restoration is all in one implants. All in one implant technique is another name for the revolutionary All-On-4 technique. This technique involves inserting a natural-looking full-arch of teeth permanently into dental implants that are anchored in the jawbone.

The All-On-4 procedure is an easy and effective solution to replacing several teeth or dentures. Implant supported teeth look and function as if they were natural teeth and are maintained with the same oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing. This procedure has many benefits compared to traditional dental implants, let’s find out how!

What Is All In One?

All In One, also known as All-On-4,  is a dental procedure that utilizes as little as four dental implants to support a full-arch of fixed, non-removable replacement teeth. All In One is also  known as Four On One, Four On Implants, and Full On 4. All techniques are designed to do one thing, which is to replace most or even all missing teeth.

You’ll get immediate result with just four implants. You can replace your removable dentures and have a permanent teeth fixture inserted in as little as one day. The new set of teeth will function and feel like real teeth and you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods again, rather than having to be cautious of what you’re eating.

What Is All-On-4?

All-On-4 is a full-mouth restoration procedure that consists of four titanium implants inserted into each jaw. This means patients will have a stable dental fixture in place using just four dental implants that are strategically placed into the jaw bone. These implants act as a foundation for the bridge. The two posterior implants are inserted at an angle which maximizes the use of the current bone which eliminates the need for bone grafting.

The All-On-4 procedure is a quick and durable process that provides excellent stability of a denture, great aesthetic results, and restored function to a patient’s smile.

How Is All-On-4 Different From Traditional Dental Implants?

For patients who are missing several teeth, dental implants provide the most secure anchor for permanently fixed teeth. However, with dental implants there are several treatment options to choose from. Our specialists here at Advanced Periodontics & Implant Dentistry would like to help distinguish the main differences and benefits between traditional dental implants and the All-On-4 technique.  

Traditional Dental Implants

All In One,Dental Implants NYC,All-On-4,All On Four

With traditional dental implants, a minimum of two oral surgeries is required. This first surgery involves inserting the dental implants into the jaw bone and then allowing time for them to heal. The healing process can last from three to six months. The healing process allows the dental implants to fully integrate with the bone in order to act as an anchor for the prosthesis. Once the dental implants are healed, the second surgery is then performed where the abutments will be inserted, which is the piece that attaches to the prosthesis.

A disadvantage of traditional implants is that they could require as many as ten dental implants per arch. Therefore, if a patient requires both upper and lower arch restoration, as many as twenty implants would be surgically inserted into their jaw. Bone grafting and sinus augmentation may also be required in order to build up the jaw bone density that could have diminished over time.  

Another disadvantage of traditional dental implants is the cost. The cost may vary drastically  from patient to patient, depending on the amount of dental implants required. With the All-On-4, patients will pay a much lower cost as fewer implants are necessary. With traditional dental implants, several implants may be required to reconstruct the mouth, therefore, patients will pay a significantly higher price.


All On Four Dental Implants in Manhattan & Long Island

Unlike traditional dental implants, the All-On-4 technique can typically be completed in one office visit, having patients leave our office with a brand new smile “all in one” day. Full arch dentures can be strategically placed with just four dental implants, minimizing the lengthy procedure and  healing time. Benefits of the All-On-4 technique include:

  • Receive fully-functioning, new teeth in a short amount of time
  • Helps prevent further bone loss
  • Restores the ability to eat all types of food
  • Enhances self-confidence and overall quality of life

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