When it comes to your smile, we understand the worries that come with treatment options, aesthetics, and discomfort. With the All-On-4 dental implant procedure, you can leave those worries behind. All-On-4 is a revolutionary technique that replaces a full arch, top and/or bottom, of teeth with the use of just four dental implants. These four implants act as an anchor mechanism to secure a new set of fixed artificial teeth.

Normally, patients who suffer from osteoporosis, a condition in which bone becomes brittle and weak, often think they were ideal candidates for dental implants because of their poor jaw bone density. The All-On-Four technique makes a huge difference and gives patients with oral bone health issues a better choice can now receive dental implants. By inserting the posterior two dental implants at a 45-degree angle, the All-On-4 doesn’t require the same bone density in order to secure the dental implant. This innovative technique eliminates the need for invasive bone grafting procedures altogether.

Below are some of the most asked questions about All-On-4:

Frequently Asked Questions

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