Step By Step Smile-In-A-Day™ Process

Attend Your Free Consultation

At All On Four Dental Implant Centers, we offer free consultations to all patients eligible for our Smile In A Day™ procedure! To book your consultation, call (877)349-9270 or book your consultation online.

During the consultation, here’s what to expect:

  • Evaluation of mouth and gums
  • Discussion about procedure
  • Discussion about desired smile design
  • Booking of next appointment
  • Procedure approval

All On Four Dental Implant Centers utilize the latest, cutting-edge technology for the best results. The next step to follow involves conducting a 3-D CT scan. The 3-D CT scan can be done within the same visit as the consultation or during the next visit.

The 3-D CT scan allows for the fixed bridge to be created specifically for the patient, designed according to their mouth structure. This will ensure that the patient’s fixed bridge will look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

Preoperative Visit

If you’ve gotten to this step, congratulations! At this point, you have a complete understanding of Smile In A Day™, you have discussed your desired smile design, and you have completed your 3-D CT scan. We will now take photos and impressions, order materials, measure your level of excitement, and set your procedure date. You are one step closer to a brand new you!

Procedure Day

When you come in, you will receive proper preparation treatment for the procedure. Soon after that, your remaining teeth (if any) will be extracted, and your fixed bridge will be implanted. In just a few shorts hours, you will have a Smile-In-A-Day™ — literally! Be sure to follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions and take it easy.

Post Procedure Check-Up(s)

Following the procedure, it is essential that you come in for the regular post-operative check-ups that we schedule for you. After the procedure is complete, the purpose of seeing us is to ensure that you are healing correctly and on schedule. We also like to hear your feedback as well as the feedback you received from others!

Enjoy Your Smile-In-A-Day!

Now that you have a brand new smile, we hope you gained the confidence to laugh freely and smile at strangers! Remember, you can call (877)349-9270 any day of the week or visit our website by clicking here. We are here for you! Your smile means so much to us!

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