Can A Tooth Be Replaced In A Day?

Can A Tooth Be Replaced In A Day?

Most information you find about dental implants and crowns give you a six to twelve month timeline to get your crown and have your tooth replacement complete. That’s a long time to be babying one side of your mouth while you eat! Or perhaps you’ve been told that you aren’t a good candidate for implants because of your bone density, or the price you’ve been quoted is just out of your price range. The All-On-Four Implant is superior to standard dentures for both of those reasons, and several more beside!

All-on-Four Advantages

  • Four titanium or zirconia implants can be inserted into the thickest part of the bone, and angled to provide a strong support structure for a full dental arch.
  • The procedure can be completed, from implant to teeth in one appointment. No waiting for the gums to heal!
  • The denture is immediately affixed into place.
  • Most All-On-Four treatments can be done without a bone graft, even if dentists have previously told you it was necessary.
  • Computer imaging ensures the strongest and most precise implant placement. Studies show a 98% success rate with this technique!
  • This fixed bridge technique is not only the fastest way for a new smile, but also the most affordable!

Same Day Tooth Replacement

Same-day tooth replacement is a unique and modern procedure. Many dentists are not certified or comfortable performing the treatment. But in NYC, we can provide a free consultation for you to determine if same day teeth are right for you.  Your assessment will include computer imaging, for shaping and placement, and color match.  When you leave from your implant appointment, you’ll be able to eat and smile just like you could with your natural teeth.  Don’t let doubts and an old diagnosis keep you from the new smile you deserve! Contact our dental office today to learn more.


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