All-On-4: Titanium vs. Metal-Free

All-On-Four Dental Implant Treatment

A Permanent Smile Restoration Solution

While dentures have always been an effective means to restoring the functionality of a patient’s teeth, the world of dentistry has welcomed a more effective, longer lasting means to full mouth reconstruction. Not to mention, it has been welcomed with much success. The All-On-Four procedure is an extremely durable, highly effective dental implant procedure. Doing away with the uncomfortable slip and slide of dentures, the All-On-4 procedure secures your brand new teeth onto both the top and/or bottom jaw with four implants on each arch.

This visual of the All-On-Four procedure shows the four titanium implants that are secured into the jaw bone at a 45 degree angle. The customized fixed bridges are fastened onto the implant screws for a permanent, functional smile.

Normally, up to ten implants would be needed to guarantee sustainable, durable teeth. Thanks to new and innovative dental technology, fewer implants are needed for more effective results. Through this technology, it was discovered that setting implants at a 45 degree angle serves to drastically increase their strength.

In addition, we allow our patients to select the implant material of their choice. Depending on their preference, they will choose titanium implants or metal-free implants. What is the difference between titanium implants and metal-free, Zirconia implants? We will explain!

Titanium Implants vs. Metal-Free Implants

The difference between a titanium implant and a zirconia implant is shown.

Today more than ever before, people have been looking into the most holistic methods for medical treatments and procedures. This demand for the most organic approach has been well-received, and thus implemented, in the dental world.

Titanium implants have served to permanently secure the All-On-Four fixed bridges to the top and/or bottom arches of the mouth for many years. They effectively do so, leaving each patient with a permanent and long lasting smile.

Metal-free implants, however, are known to have added benefits. They are made up of an extremely durable, white material. In addition to their strength, the hue of the zirconia implant allows for a very aesthetically pleasing look. The white color completely eliminate the unsightliness of metal showing through the teeth. Zirconia implants are also bio-compatible and take well to the surrounding bone. They even promote the growth of the surrounding bone and are guaranteed to never corrode!

These white screws are metal-free, zirconia implants. They are known to be natural, strong, bio-compatible, and stimulating for the jaw bone.

All-On-Four Benefits

Not only does the All-On-Four save our patients thousands of dollars; it provides them with a brand new smile that lasts a lifetime. The benefits of receiving the All-On-Four procedure include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Affordable solution for missing teeth
  • An option for those who present bone loss
  • Helps to prevent further bone loss
  • Provides immediate functionality of the teeth
  • Provides permanent teeth in just one appointment
  • Restores your ability to eat all types of food
  • Restores your confidence to smile again

These transformation photos are the patient of Advanced Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. They got a completely restored, beautiful smile in a day.

If you have questions regarding the All-On-Four procedure, visit our All-On-Four FAQ page to find out the answer to questions that have been asked by people like you!

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