About All On Four

What is All-On-Four?

Computer-Guided, Incisionless Same-Day Tooth Replacement

All-on-Four is the solution for patients who want a fixed restoration of their teeth-in one day. The rev

olutionary All-on-Four technique allows patients to receive a full fixed (non-removable) bridge on as few as 4 dental implants - all in the same day! Even those patients who have been told they they are not dental implant candidates due to bone loss are now able to restore their smiles by utilizing this technique. Virtually all denture patients, those with failing crown and bridgework, and even those with severe bone loss from periodontal disease now have the option to get their smile back.

How does All-on-Four work?

The All-on-Four technique takes advantage of the dense bone that remains in the front part of the jaws and by placing the two posterior implants on an angle to avoid the sinus cavities in the upper jaw and the nerve canal in the lower jaw, this procedure has virtually eliminated the need for costly and time consuming bone grafting, along with the discomfort and prolonged healing time which often accompanies these additional procedures. Today, thanks to the All-on-FourTM technique, it’s now possible for patients to have a non-removable bridge placed the same day they receive their implants, and almost always without the need for bone grafting.

All-on-Four for Denture Replacement (Full or Partial)

All-on-Four is our most affordable solution for patients that want to replace their denture with fixed teeth. For many denture wearing patients, implants were not possible due to the high cost. Now, with the All-on-Four fixed bridge technique, patients are able to get out of their uncomfortable denture, and once again have a beautiful set of teeth!

The end result is a solid base to attach your new teeth that does not have to be removed. The procedure saves time and money all with minimal discomfort. The All-on-Four procedure is virtually painless, and does not usually require any bone grafting.

All-on-Four for Poor or Hopeless Teeth lost to Periodontal Disease

In the past, between 6 - 10 implants were needed to supply enough strength for a fixed implant bridge for a full arch. New technology has found that if the end implants are placed at angles, their strength is drastically increased. This allows us to be able to anchor a fixed bridge with as few as 4 or 6 implants - far fewer than normally used. Placing fewer implants also saves thousands of dollars. What's more, the implants and your new teeth will be placed in the same visit, allowing you to leave the office with beautiful new teeth the very same day!

Discover the Benefits of All-On-Four

  • Affordable & attractive solution for missing teeth
  • Is a treatment option even when bone loss has occurred
  • Helps prevent further bone loss
  • Immediate function
  • Fixed prosthesis relieves the many frustrations of removable appliances
  • Gives you teeth immediately!
  • Placement is done in just one appointment
  • Replaces your denture for a lifetime!
  • Requires minimal recovery time
  • Reduces overall cost drastically when compared to single implants
  • Eliminates the need for bone grafting in most all cases
  • Allows for easy maintenance through proper oral hygiene
  • Restores the ability to eat all types of foods
  • Ensures long-term results with the potential to last a lifetime
  • Renews a youthful appearance through bone level stabilization
  • Creates a whole new smile in just one day
  • Enhances self-confidence and overall quality of life